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      The lovely City of Sylvania is commonly called " Tree City , USA " because of the plentiful amount of trees lining its streets, neighborhoods and beautiful parks. Around the city are scenic overlooks and trails, the rippling waters of the Ottawa River and gorgeous seasonal flowers. The City of Sylvania´s Park System offers all of these and more. Facilities available include children´s playgrounds, baseball fields, picnic areas and also skating areas.

      Olander Park consists of a 28-acre lake available for boating, swimming and fishing. The lake is surrounded by a scenic mile loop perfect for biking, jogging, walking or rollerblading. The park offers two Open Air Shelters and the Nederhouser Community Hall, which are ideal for parties and special events. Olander Park is complete with two sand volleyball courts, tetherball courts, horseshoe pits, restrooms, concession machines and even a bait shop.

      The Sylvania Herald serves as Sylvania ´s weekly newspaper, The Sylvania Commercial Advantage serves as a monthly newspaper and the Toledo Blade serves as the city´s daily metro. Television providers include several Toledo and Detroit stations and Buckeye Cablevision.

      Ottawa River in Sylvania, Ohio

      Sylvania puts great importance on quality public education with the belief that the community´s success depends on it. Rated an "Excellent District" by the Ohio Department of Education, Sylvania promises a first-class school system . The school system is comprised of seven elementary, three junior high, and two senior high schools. College preparatory, vocational education studies and continuing adult education programs are all available.

      Sylvania has much to offer its residents.  With the various types of housing in the City of Sylvania and Sylvania Township, the area is often the preferred destination for those relocating to the area for either a job opportunity or just moving to the suburbs.  You'll find a wide assortment of  individual homes, retirement communities, condominiums, villas, and apartments.

      There have been recent meetings regarding the merging of the City of Sylvania with Sylvania Township , thereby merging many duplicated services and facilities. Although the expected implementation of this proposed merger is several years in the future, many feel that there are many considerations and that it will take very thoughtful planning.

      View of River and Flower HospitalDowntown Sylvania

      Historic Sylvania is a tremendous place to work, live and play with many resources available and an outstanding quality of life.

      Businesses large and samll are the mainstay of the area, including top-notch health facilities, charming shops, and wonderful restaurants. The Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce provides marketing and networking opportunities and serves as the business voice in the community.

      Affordable housing, excellent school system and public services benefit residents, with area parks within walking or biking distance.

      All in all, the Sylvania , Ohio area is a very popular destination for those being relocated. Here´s a classic Midwestern environment for those choosing housing opportunities here.

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